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Pirate Challenge Entries & Voting

Hosted by GTCC, the LEGO® Creations Competition is a riff on the popular LEGO® Masters reality-competition series on FOX TV that brings imagination, design and creativity to life using LEGO® bricks.

Individual or 2-person teams comprised of GTCC members go head-to-head in brick-building challenges and compete for prizes…and ultimate bragging rights.

The entry with the most votes based on submitted images and video capture that features “the stories” behind the builds wins the brick building challenge.

Pirate Challenge: Shiver me timbers!

Based on the GTCC play structure, create a pirate themed build that includes a hunt for hidden/buried treasure as someone walks the plank.


1. The GTCC Flood and Invasion

Mack Foster: age 9
Maddie Foster: age 10

After a flood, the playground pirate ship ended up floating in the GTCC pool. Pirates invaded and the hunt for hidden treasure was on! As a pirate walked the plank, others noticed that once a treasure map got wet, clues could be seen.

2. Treasure for the Town!

Lillian O'Brien: age 10

They found the long-lost pirate treasure of Georgetown. Pirate booty of ALL!!!!!!

3. Going to Sea

Owen O'Brien: age 8

Hoodlums heading out to sea for battle against COVID-19!

4. Pirate on Deck

Nicole Fulcher: age 11

The pirates stole a ship from the one and only black beard and on the ship was a treasure map. There was a stowaway on the ship. WALK THE PLANK!!


5. Stranded Island

Norah Briere: age 8

The Pirates of the Plunderous Squid have been shipwrecked on a remote island. Using what remains of their ship, these clever survivors have built an island base to prepare for future plunder. They cook, they scheme, and they keep watch for any ships that dare get too close to their island.

6. Treasure Hunt

Lucy Bond: age 10

This year for the GTCC kids’ event “Treasure Hunt,” Georgetown went all out! There were skeletons, pirate hats, and even a scorpion! It is a replica of the real GTCC pirate ship climbing structure, where the kids are looking for buried treasure while walking the plank and enjoying playing! Watch the video to find out what the winner of the treasure hunt gets...

7. Penguin Play Palace

Mia Alderman: age 9

Georgetown has so many fun activities. The Pirate ship has hours of fun! The playscape I have created has slide, swing, ladder, and a plank to walk.

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