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Penguin Challenge Entries & Voting

Hosted by GTCC, the LEGO® Creations Competition is a riff on the popular LEGO® Masters reality-competition series on FOX TV that brings imagination, design and creativity to life using LEGO® bricks.

Individual or 2-person teams comprised of GTCC members go head-to-head in brick-building challenges and compete for prizes…and ultimate bragging rights.

The entry with the most votes based on submitted images and video capture that features “the stories” behind the builds wins the brick building challenge.

GTCC: Home of the Penguins!
Create a penguin themed build that relates to GTCC using your imagination and creative storytelling.


1. Penguins at the Pool

Lucy Bond: age 10
Olive Bond: age 6

Penguins have been let out to roam free at aquariums due to COVID-19. Their trainers took them on a field trip to Georgetown Pool and other birds decided to join them.

2. GTCC Rainbow Penguins

Norah Briere: age 8
Candice Briere: adult assist

These penguins have escaped their colder climates for a more tropical locale. All of their sunburns changed their feather coloring to bright and exotic colors.

3. Antarctic Georgetown Heist

Noah Cook & Jack Rozenberg

4. Penguins Playing Tennis

Maxwell Eberle: age 6
Matthew Eberle: adult assist

On a warm spring day, two GTCC members are taken by surprise as a swarm of penguins storm onto the tennis court to play. Will they join the penguins in a game or run away?


5. The Penguin Change

Mack Foster: age 9
Maddie Foster: age 10

The Georgetown Penguin has spent too much time in the pool, and he's going to take up golf in 2020!

6. The Penguin Party Pad

Henry Hoffman: age 8
Felix Hoffman: age 6

The party pad is a decked-out iceberg with trampolines, and a place where fish come in the from the water for the penguins to eat. And then there is a bunch of little hiding spots for the penguins to go if predators come. There are two little icebergs to get to the big iceberg.

7. Cheating Penguin Coach

Cora Rozenberg: age 9

Coach Penguini will do anything to win this year's swim season. He boosts slushies and adds hydroboosters to the pool to help the Penguin swimmers swim faster.

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